I first met Teddy in June of 2016. His owner, Julie in Boynton Beach, Florida called me and I could hear in her voice she was visibly upset. She told me that she had just taken Teddy outside, where he had almost attacked another dog. She informed that the aggression had been escalating, and she knew she needed to get a trainer immediately. Her story is below. 

"Jaime is amazing. My 2 Year old German Shepherd that we rescued from the pound loved his family and strangers, but was highly dog aggressive. Teddy would lunge and growl at other dogs, and walking him became highly stressful. I knew I didn't want to give him back to the pound, so I called Jaime, and now, walking Teddy is a breeze compared to what it used to be. We owe her so much!"

-Julie T., Teddy's mom, Boynton Beach, Florida

Carly from Jupiter, Florida called me last year, crying. Her dog Monkey had just snapped at her two year old daughter and her husband wanted Monkey gone. Her story is below.

"I can't thank Jaime enough for helping me with Monkey's food aggression. As much as I loved him, I was too worried having him around my kids, not knowing what might happen. Monkey is doing great now, thanks to Jaime."

Carly R., Monkey's mom, Jupiter, Florida


Michael from West Palm Beach, Florida suffered from PTSD as well as anxiety. We taught Sam how to apply compression to his dad when he was going through an Anxiety attack, and taught him manners in Public. His story is below. 

"I wanted to train my lab, Sam to become my Service Dog. I suffer from PTSD and severe anxiety, and having Sam with me whenever I go outside of my home helps me tremendously. Jaime taught Sam all of his commands to be a well behaved dog in Public and I'm proud to say that he's my service dog".

Michael V., Sam's owner, West Palm Beach, Florida



Cameron from Boynton Beach, Florida wanted me to teach her dog some tricks, as Border Collies need lots of mental stimulation. I love trick training! Here is Cameron's story below.

"I have a 6 year old Border Collie who knows of all her commands, but has to be entertained and given something to do very often. Jaime taught Nika adorable tricks and helped me teach her on the outdoor agility course we bought her. "

Cameron B., Nika's mom, Boynton Beach, Florida


Amber from Lake Worth, Florida called me about her pitbull Hazel, who loved to chase cats. After working with Hazel, shes pretty disinterested in cats now and more focused on her mom. Her story is below.

"I was referred to Jaime by an acquaintance who highly recommended her. My pitbull Hazel was Cat Reactive, and I was scared she was going to kill a stray cat on walks. I know Jaime has had pitbulls, and I love that I didn't have to put a shock collar on my dog to get her to listen to me. Hazel is doing great on walks, and hasn't chased a cat in months." 

Amber P., Hazels Mom, Lake Worth, Florida