Required Vaccinations: 

Adult Dogs



Canine Influenza 

DHP (or equivalent)



Canine Influenza

DHP (or equivalent)

Supplies & Equipment needed for class:

Training Clicker-

This one is completely optional; We can use a verbal marker instead which I will explain on the first day of class. If you're interested in learning more about using a clicker, feel free to bring one and ill show you how to use it! 

Treat Bag-

You can get these at Pet stores or online stores such as This is to carry treats more efficiently- I promise, it'll pay to have one of these!

3 Different types of High Value Training Treats- 

Because we will be training in a high distraction environment, we need to use high value treats. While it's up to the dog to determine what's high value, try pea sized diced hot dogs, lunch meat, chicken, cheese etc. Think of it this way- If I had to learn trigonometry in a park with a million things going on, do I want to be paid for doing it in pennies (low value treats) or Dollar Bills (High Value treats)? 

Water Bowl for dog and drink for you!

Poop Bags to pick up after Dog

Blanket, bed or towel for dog

Equipment Policy:

Dogs should be wearing a flat collar, or harness if they do not pull on leash. 

If your dog does pull on leash, I highly suggest the Freedom No pull harness that can be ordered off of 

Refunds and Weather:

Due to limited class space, No refunds will be given. 

Classes are subject to cancellation with heavy rain and will be rescheduled. 

If you're interested in Group Obedience Classes, you're in the right place!

Before enrolling, take a minute to read the Class Guidelines for equipment you will need and what to expect!


Dog & People friendly dogs are welcome to attend! If your dog has trouble interacting with other dogs or people, not to worry- I have options for that as well! Contact me to discuss.


If you have any further questions about group classes, feel free to contact me at the info below.

See you soon!

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