My Dog Training Methodology:

The more I learn about Science, the more I realize what I still have to learn.


Most people hear trainers call themselves either a "Positive Reinforcement" Dog Trainer, or a "Balanced" Dog Trainer. I used to call myself a Positive Reinforcement trainer, but then realized since I use other quadrants, I'm not exclusively "Positive Reinforcement".


I frequently use "Negative Punishment", which even though it may sound bad, it's not at all. Negative Punishment means the removal of something to decrease a behavior. Think: Timeouts, turning around when a Dog jumps up on you, or ignoring a dog that is attention barking.


I will never use Positive Punishment (adding something to decrease a behavior). Think: Shock Collars, Prong collars, Hitting, etc. 

I've labeled myself as Positive Reinforcement, Force Free, Fear Free, etc. Labels are annoying and don't really clarify anything. 

In simple words and in an effort to not alienate any clients thinking of hiring me, here is what I will NOT use on your dog: 

Choke Collars

Prong Collars

Shock or Stimulation Collars


If you currently use any of these tools, I won't pressure you to stop using them and I certainly won't judge you. However, I can show you a better way if you're willing to try.